I say that with genuine warmth and sincerity as I would do if I was meeting you in person.  And, please call me Trin.


For whatever reason you are here, I will walk with you as a helping hand, just a little of the way along your journey to resolution, healing and wellness.  I will bring my care, support, experience and intuitive vision that are the core qualities at the heart of my practice.


"You don't just change, you become who you really are"   Trin


People come to see me because they
  • are struggling with a life difficulty, and want to make some changes

  • are in a challenging relationship and need clarity and resolution

  • have experienced sexual or domestic violence trauma

  • feel overwhelmed and want some support

  • are grieving over a loss of a loved one

  • keep finding themselves in the same situation over and over

  • are having relationship difficulties

  • have no-one to talk to, safely and confidentially

  • are deeply unhappy and want things to be different

  • feel depressed or anxious and want help

  • are looking for a direction - a decision to make

  • want to break their problematic substance use or other dependence (alcohol, drugs, food etc)

  • have been diagnosed with a mental health condition (eg borderline personality disorder, PTSD, bipolar, depression, anxiety)

  • need healing

  • simply looking for someone to talk to

  • want to learn meditation or need meditation guidance from an experienced meditation practitioner

  • want some spiritual clarity or direction

  • are curious about what I do.

    We will explore your concern to bring healing, resolution and wellness.

"I love my appointments with Katrina. She effortlessly puts me in touch with my depth and helps me to understand the real dynamics behind the surface of my life."

Denis. Z

My experience comes from
  • an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (#442607)

  • Registered Medicare provider and Approved Victims Services Counsellor

  • a Masters in Social Work ((Ma. Social Work) Griffith University)

  • a counselling degree (Ba. Applied Social Sciences (Counselling) (Australian College of Applied Psychology)

  • counselling, psychological therapy and IST (inner space techniques) practitioner in private practice

  • Specialist Trauma Counsellor (sexual and domestic/family violence) through Rape and Domestic Violence services Australia / 1800 Respect

  • AOD Counsellor (Alcohol and other drugs) at several drug and alcohol treatment facilities around Sydney (15 years)

  • 20 years of facilitating IST Therapy

  • 20+ years of practicing meditation

  • 25 years of my own self transformation

  • 15 years of counselling clients experiencing: abuse (sexual/DV), addiction, depression/anxiety, domestic/family violence, general frustrations, grief and loss, family problems, mental health, relationship problems, trauma

  • counselling adolescents (14 - 25 year olds) (and their parents/carers)

  • counselling women who have exited the prison system

  • working with clients experiencing child protection concerns

  • facilitating personal development and skills building workshops

  • facilitation of psychoeducation and therapy groups

  • child and family early intervention 

  • continuing professional development in complex trauma and mental health.

“Katrina is a skilled, experienced and professional practitioner. She is sensitive, highly perceptive and offers a depth of compassion and wisdom. Katrina has a natural, straightforward approach to working through difficult and traumatic issues and I highly recommend her”.
Shona. B.