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getting over relationship issues

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Sometimes clients come to my sessions alone, hoping to work through and resolve a type of relationship issue.  Other times, couples come to see me together.  However, relationships are not just limited to intimate relationships, where I also work with parent-child; siblings; or friendship relationships.

Regardless, together we explore and introduce skills, strategies and approaches to resolve whichever relationship issue you're having challenges with.

I am attuned to what happens in my counselling room and hold unbiased neutrality, with the question "What's the most that can be brought, to help shift relational issues and restore connections"?

My goal is 'your' relationship, and I have faith (and successes) that all issues can be resolved. However, it does take commitment, patience and a willingness from both sides.

What I regularly observe (and which is normal) are two very different systems that exist within every relationship, that at times causes clashes and impasses.

These can be due to:

  • Differing value systems

  • Lack of agreements

  • Difficulty with managing conflict

  • Unresolved past hurts in the relationship

  • Fear of conflict

  • Lacking communication skills

  • Childhood experiences and resulting relational patterns

  • Challenging emotions (anger, frustration, sadness, hurt, escalated responses etc)

  • Trauma

  • Sex, love and intimacy differences

I come with a scrutenising yet compassionate and unbiased eye. As I sit with each relationship and hear their concerns. I also see beyond what they are presenting; observing their relating patterns and dynamics within the session. I directly pinpoint the dynamics I observe and, combined with the issues that are wanting to be focussed on, we go to the core.

For example, some issues may relate to their partner's, parent's or loved one's:

  • alcohol and other drugs issues

  • jealousy

  • infidelity

  • communication issues

  • domestic and family violence

  • sex, love and intimacy issues

  • their mental health, anger or emotional upsets

  • behavioural issues

  • financial issues.


The types of issues we address and the different types of relationships that show up in my sessions are endless.

I work creatively, using all my skills and treatment approaches, where I may at times bring you in for respective individual sessions, to work on individual issues that might be getting in the way and/or introduce skills and strategies. I then may bring you both in at other times to check in and see how it's working and do some fine-tuning.  All with the overall aim of restoring love and a flourishing connection, or whatever you goal may be.

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