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What is this IST therapy?

Inner Space Techniques (IST) IST is a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation. It incorporates:

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing The Inner Space Interactive Sourcing therapy (ISS), was first developed over 25 years ago by Samuel Sagan M.D., the founder of Clairivision School of Meditation, together with a team of physicians, psychologists, naturopaths, and other health practitioners. ISS therapy evovled into a fully mature therapy and is practiced by hundreds of practitioners internationally. ISS therapy was initially developed to help meditators, meditate. It was a process that helped eliminate the emotional issues which generated thoughts, resulting in thought-filled meditation. It was found to be so beneficial to the meditator, and conducive to their self-transformation that, 20 years ago, it was introduced as a therapy. ISS therapy is a meditative technique that facilitates a gentle, safe and supportive space for the client to explore and unlock what is hidden in their depths and which unconsciously drives them. The ordinary thinking mind gets out of the way, allowing the client to really see with immense clarity what is going on. To see what happened, when, how and the mechanisms involved. There is an inherent wisdom in the process that makes it safe and gentle. As the name suggests, ISS therapy is about sourcing. When an emotional blockage is sourced back to its origin ie back to teens, early childhood or further, profound metaphysical shifts take place. When these origins are explored, it is not the 'story' that is important, what is most relevant are the feelings around the event that took place: that left you with an emotional scar. Not only is extraordinary insight gained, which in itself creates changes, but there is a spiritual and healing dimension to the experience which is the very heart of, and unique to ISS. The insight and healing takes place at such a depth that standard counselling and psychological analysis cannot reach. This treatment is not necessarily for everybody. In some cases it may be more beneficial and healing by learning and developing practical skills for everyday living. You can feel assured to know that you are in control of every aspect of your sessions whether it be ISS therapy or in counselling/psychotherapy and may choose the direction at all times.

Meditation As part of IST, I teach the basics of meditation. Not only do you resolve emotional blockages with ISS therapy, you also learn a way to create stillness, and silence, to practice and stabilise yourself. A great deal of research has been conducted on meditation, proving its benefits with reducing stress and aiding many other ailments. FAQ'S AND COMMON COMMENTS: Q. "I cannot meditate - I think too much and can't sit still" A. Yes you can! This is why you learn to meditate. Everyone can meditate. The whole art of meditation is recognising when the thoughts come in and then returning back to your meditative practice. This is a very common experience. Trust me, if i can meditate anyone can! Q. "I start to feel guilty, knowing I have a lot of things to do" A. Sit through it. It is just your mind coming up with an excuse to still run the show. You can do it! Q. "Gardening, yoga, surfing, jogging or walking is my form of meditation" A. This is not really meditation. Meditation is about learning to sit in silence and stillness, allowing the thoughts to come and go. Doing these activities is still engaging some level of your mind. Mindfulness is better suited for when you're performing activities. You CAN do it! If you have any other questions or concerns about meditation, whatsoever, call me or contact me. I have a question about meditation....

Relaxation and Recuperation Techniques Sometimes you need to deeply relax. I don't mean sit on the couch and put the TV on, but getting that sense of recuperation at a deep level can be incredibly rejuvenating. I will teach you techniques on how to do this and take you through the process itself. It is a powerful way to sink into the deeper layers of your body of energy which brings profound rest.

Clearing Therapy It can be quite difficult for people to believe other parts of us exist beyond our physical selves, beyond our ordinary mental consciousness (or our mind). Non-physical realities have been documented for thousands of years in ancient texts, and understood as a natural phenomenon in many cultures and countries. It is often the Western cultures that typically dismiss and mock these other realities. While in other countries and cultures like China, Japan, India, Indonesia, the Americas and parts of Europe, these non-physical realities are as clear as day. To experience realities beyond our mind can, for some, be incredibly threatening and terrifying. The very thought of it may be inconceivable. This can result in restricting us to our mind's own confines; where it is then easier to disbelieve and mock other realities, or other people's experiences of other realities. Over the past 20 years and through training and mediation practices, I have developed the capability of seeing non-physical realities. Contrary to what our ordinary minds like to believe, non-physical realities do exist. The ordinary mind just cannot perceive them. It's the mind's nature not to! It requires another part of awareness to be able to perceive this. The same awareness that is developed through simple meditation. The reason I raise this is because another part of my practice involves 'clearing'. Just as one can pick up a parasite which brings on a cold, flu or some other illness, it is possible to catch a parasite of the body of energy. These parasites can create havoc in its host - including addictions, overweightedness, sexual problems, illnesses, and behavioural problems. Parasites of the body of energy is a concept familiar to many forms of traditional medicine including Ayurveda, Chinese and even Balinese medicine. I too am trained to identify and remove such energetic parasites. What can come from a clearing is a huge sense of relief to finally understand and make sense of what has been happening. Not to mention a sense of closure from the issue.

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