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Adolescent Therapy

I've counselled countless young people through many challenges in their lives. The youngest age I will see is 12 years old.

A lot of the challenge young people face today is to do with the fact that they are in the middle of developing an adult brain. I often describe this phase like a river entering into an ocean where the two different bodies of water meet, which can create a tumultuous mass of confusion. During this stage they're transitioning away from their parents being their go-to people, to their friends.  At the same time they face a myriad of issues as they are figuring out who they are, what friendships and belonging means, what emotions are and how to manage them, not to mention the changes in their hormones.  It can all feel like a huge storm; not knowing how to navigate it. 

I have a lot of young people come to me to work through their day to day issues such as:

  • friends

  • challenging emotions

  • challenging school issues

  • body image

  • sexuality

  • ADHD symptoms

  • life decisions

  • in addition to mental health concerns.


They feel comfortable because they see me not as a typical adult who may criticise, or tell them what to do. I do however, support them away from unhealthy coping styles eg self-harm,  or substances use, to healthy coping strategies.

I keep everything confidential (within life-saving reason), monitoring risk and ensuring their safety the entire way, and the young people appreciate that. So do parents. Parents are aware that I hold their young person's safety in mind, and are grateful that their young people have a mentor and an unbiased, independent and non-judgemental ear to support them.

I also have a special interest in treating young people with ADHD which is being identified more and more these days. Identifying ADHD allows us to bring effective interventions to support their development and integration into flourishing adulthood.

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