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Anger is one of the many normal human emotions we have among the array. However, unfortunately it is the least acceptable one in society.

Many of my clients who come to see me with "anger issues" hold a great deal of guilt, shame and embarrassment about it. But, I like to help clients see that they are not "bad" for having anger or angry outbursts, and  that their anger is not because they're an "angry person". But, it's because there is something else that's going on, to cause it.

Firstly there's a lot to understand about anger. For example, anger is a secondary emotion. Meaning it is in fact, a response to some other emotion - eg hurt, fear, shame etc.  It is also possible to say that anger can be healthy - and is part of our survival skills.

So, it's one thing to learn to manage and stop our angry responses, which is possible, but it's another thing to understand why we're angry - eg it's because of hurt, fear or terror. And then it can be resolved at a much deeper level.

There are so many strategies that I use to resolve and work with anger.  For example I will teach you skills and strategies to manage it by stopping it in it's tracks. However, it is also possible to heal and resolve the underlying hurt, fear, shame etc, that has become the trigger for the anger. And therefore we can defuse the ticking bomb earlier, so to speak.

What happens now?

We all experience anger as part of life. However, when it starts to become a problem for us, we need to find new ways to process it all. My job is to guide you through that process.

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