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Updated: May 12, 2023

What to expect!

In our sessions (50 mins), we will be seated in my private counselling room, in comfy chairs (well actually, you will be seated on a nice comfy 3 seater couch); or via Zoom. We will then proceed as if you are having a conversation with a friend. However, the difference is you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, about events or circumstances in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Know that my aim is for you to not leave my session feeling worse than when you came in! So, I don't expect you to tell me everything all at once in our first session, as this can sometimes feel way overwhelming to your wellbeing.

I will however, listen to your concerns, and bring in any of the following in order to achieve your treatment goals:

  • creating a plan for our work together;

  • exploring options;

  • introducing skills;

  • exploring strategies;

  • problem solving;

  • provide education around certain areas eg physiology, trauma, anger, alcohol and other drugs, adolescence, sex love and intimacy, relationships etc

  • practicing mindfulness;

  • being curious about physiological responses;

  • exploring and changing our thinking patterns and beliefs;

  • emotion regulation

You could describe me as the scaffolding that provides a structure while you heal and develop the structure within yourself. You choose the direction at all times, I simply help by bringing my care, tools, reflection, and a stable platform, so that you can change the areas of your life that you feel need changing.

Therefore, what is expected of you in the session?


There are no expectations of you. Yet at the same, it is normal (and know that you're in a safe place) to experience any of tears, hurt, anger, shame, frustration, fear, joy, elatedness and any other emotions that we humans experience. You also may not feel 'anything', which too is part of the array of human emotions and also something we work with.

I welcome you to contact me to ask me more about why I work. Reach out via phone (0404 506 507); or see me in my clinic at Brookvale in the Northern Beaches; or email me at info @

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