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A random helpful tip!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Here's a secret trick that I find helps me so much, and I'm going to share it with you!

When you have to submit any kind of formal writing, be it a letter to an organisation, an application/form, an email, or a blog page even! Be sure to submit it to yourself first on multiple different platforms, before you officially submit it to the intended person/organsiation. It really helps you to find any errors in your writing.

For example, when I need to write a formal letter for a client eg a support letter for the courts, it's really important that I get everything correct before I send it off to the Magistrate. So, what I do as a proof reading technique, is write my letter up in Word and when it's complete and ready to send off, I export it to pdf, take a good read over it and then email it to myself as a pdf attachment. I then read both the email and pdf document as if through the eyes of the recipient.

It helps me to view my letter from the perspective of the recipient, so that I'm able to see how they might perceive it and thus pick up on any misconceptions and errors; and make amendments where necessary.

Similarly, when writing an important email, I'll send it to myself first, so it somehow puts my mind into the reader's perspective and therefore highlights any errors or potential for misinterpretations.

I just did it earlier, where I looked at a blog on my mobile phone, that I'd written some time ago. I hadn't detected any errors when reviewing my blog on my laptop, back when.... However, when I viewed it on a different platform altogether, I picked up multiple mistakes and grammar errors!

This trick is gold!

Now to have a read of this blog on my mobile phone....!

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In this short note ,I want to say that my journey with Katrina over the months has changed me in a way that I can now help myself and deal with the daily pressures of life. Katrina has explained and showed me ways of self help in my feelings to maintaining a happier existence. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing my journey. Thanks you. Maria.

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