My development as a practitioner


My history as a counsellor, psychotherapist, IST Practitioner started out with meditation and personal development.  I have had 25 years’ experience in meditation – at first trying a few different styles eg TM, Buddhist.  However, I have now settled for one meditation-style that I’ve been practicing for the last 21 years through the Clairvision Meditation School.  


I also undertook some personal development courses, as far back as 1998, with various organisations which helped me to begin seeing life behind a veil of delusion.  I was fortunate because not only did Clairvision Meditation School teach me meditation but it also gave me a path of transformation where I could continue my personal development through Inner Space Techniques (IST).  Therefore, through the various personal development courses and through learning and practicing IST, I made huge changes in my attitudes, beliefs and difficulties that kept me feeling deeply unhappy and dissatisfied with life.  The deep inner transformational work that I’ve undertaken has resulted in gaining a  reconnection to my true Self and more importantly, it’s resulted in me living a very happy, successful and deeply fulfilling life.


I became very passionate about IST as I saw how powerful it was, seeing the fast changes in myself and others.  I had also broken through a lingering bout of depression which to me was a great success and testament to its benefits.  Therefore, after several years of practicing IST, in 2006 I was approved by the Clairivision School of Meditation to become a practitioner.  To be a practitioner requires at least 700 hours of receiving and 700 hours of giving IST which by that time, I had more than exceeded.   To substantiate my practice further, I undertook a counselling degree while I began seeing clients.  During this time I also co-facilitated running personal development retreats and courses in America and Australia. 


Following a counselling degree, 5 years later I completed a Master of Social Work, while running my private practice, or holding positions as Trauma Specialist Counsellor and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Counsellor for several treatment centres across Sydney.  

I have worked with men, women and adolescents experiencing alcohol and other drugs concerns, however found I was also working with complex trauma (e.g. sexual and domestic violence abuse) and mental health problems (e.g. depression, anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar).  In addition to counselling I ran therapy groups on managing depression and anxiety, communication skills, DBT (emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness), anger management, domestic/family violence, relationships and relapse prevention (from substance). 

From working in a mix of private practice; child and family early intervention; and several drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation centres, together with undergoing training; professional development, and not to mention with my meditation and own personal development, I have gained invalulable insight into a vast array of concerns and people with different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and religions where I have come to only deeply respect and admire the diversity of people.