Currently (2019)

In 2016 I stopped working in private practice at Transform Yoga Studio as I was offered a role as Specialist Trauma Counsellor for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (RDVSA), also known as 1800 Respect. Unfortunately RDVSA lost their funding and stopped providing the awesome service that they did. I therefore began a position as Alcohol and Other Drugs  (AOD) Counsellor, working for SDECC (Sydney Drug Education and Counselling Centre, specialising in working with adolescents 12-25. I am still there today, however only 4 days per week.

I am also operating a private practice located in 2 separate clinics based out of Qi Health and Yoga and Harbord Family Medical Centre.  Since becoming a registered Medicare Provider as well as a counsellor for Victims Services, I have become extremely busy!



I have moved locations from Drummoyne and Ryde to the Northern Beaches - based now in an awesome yoga studio aptly called Transform.

As of 8th August, 2016 I have accepted a short-term counselling contract with a women's community health centre where I'll be based for several of my weekdays.  This therefore leaves me with only several sessions available to offer.  But do call me - we will figure out a time to to fit you in.



Currently I am seeing only a limited number of clients in private practice while I finish a Masters of Social Work, and while I am counselling at several Drug and Alcohol treatment centres around Sydney.  I want to ensure that my clients receive the most responsive, professional and effective treatment possible and therefore am available for only a limited number of sessions. Please don't let this deter you, contact me and I will let you know my availability.


How does a Masters of Social Work improve counselling/psychotherapy?


Undertaking a Social Work masters has laid an even more solid and fine-tuned foundation for my practice.  It has been invaluable to gain a different perspective on people's experiences in life, rather than from a standard counselling or psychological perspective.  While counselling and psychology each have their profound benefits, they tend to only focus on the individual you, as having a problem. That you need to change to fit and adapt to society.  However, sometimes it doesn't just come down to the individual person who needs to change, there are a great deal of societal structures and societal issues that contribute to people's struggles as well, which require some intervention.  This brings something new, refreshing, exciting and empowering for my clients and confirms that I am definitely doing the work that I was meant to be doing.  I feel very passionate about helping people to bring life changes at the their personal level, as well as the societal level.