At this stage I am taking referrals from:
  • GP/doctor - under a mental health care plan, for a Medicare rebate.

  • Self-referrals welcome

  • Victims Services - Victims Services may be able to assist you with free counselling if you are a victim of crime. For more information visit the counselling page or call 1800 633 063

What happens in our sessions?



Our sessions will look something like this:



First session (1.5 hours (80 mins))


Is about getting to know eachother.  It's important that you feel comfortable with me before we proceed with working together. 


In this initial session I will ask you some simple questions about your general health and wellbeing, and we will explore a little about what brought you to see me. 


It can be a vulnerable thing sharing your concerns with a complete stranger, therefore, I don't expect this to happen immediately.  However at the same time, I will not discourage it either.  I work at the pace that you feel comfortable with.   



Second session (60 mins - 11/2 hrs)


The second session we will most likely explore more of your concern which may involve setting goals or, depending on the matter/s, may be counsellingpsychotherapy or IST. The length of the individual session is dependent on the type of issue which we will have discussed.



Following sessions (60 mins - 11/2 hrs)


May be exploring the problem at more depth and working together to bring you to the place within yourself where you feel mastery over certain areas of your life.



Counselling and psychotherapy


In our counselling and psychotherapy sessions (60 mins), we will be seated in my private counselling room, in comfy chairs and will proceed as if we are having a normal conversation. However, the difference is you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, about events or circumstances in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.  




Inner Space Interactive Sourcing therapy


In our 'Inner Space Interactive Sourcing' (for which I'll shorten to ISS) therapy session (1.5 hours), we will begin the with approx 30 minutes of checking-in (brief counselling) prior to starting the ISS therapy. Following our check-in, in a comfortable, lying down position (on a futon mattress), you will be guided step-by-step through the meditation process, and into the meditation space. The meditation space is often experienced as a peaceful place away from the 'noise' of the chatty mind. From here and in a natural conversation-like manner, areas of your problem that are normally not in your awareness, become revealed. 


The power of ISS therapy is in the process.  While it is possible to have a deeply profound and life-changing experience in one session, it is through exploring the issue over multiple sessions where you are more likely able to get to the source of the problem, resulting in lasting change.  


ISS therapy works by finding and seeing the source of issues, how they (the issues) come about and any resulting emotional blockages or difficulties. The power and transformational change comes from seeing.


Metaphorically speaking:


It is difficult to change the direction and the flow of a river at the base of the mountain where the flow may have gained overwhelming momentum. Additional off-shoot streams may have been created, or it may have flown into a large dam. Whereas, the entire flow can be easily shifted at the source of the spring at the top of the mountain by simply shifting a rock.


What is expected of you in the session




Know that in my sessions there are no expectations.  I do not expect you to divulge anything to me.  This will only ever come when you feel safe and comfortable enough to do so.  Yet at the same, it is normal (and know that you're in a safe place) to experience any of tears, hurt, anger, shame, frustration, fear, joy, elatedness and any other emotions that we humans experience.  You also may not feel 'anything', which too is part of the array of human emotions and also something we can work with.



My Role


My role throughout is to:

  • facilitate a space where you feel safe and comfortable enough to share 

  • be the sounding board to help you resolve your concerns

  • shine light on areas that you are unable to see

  • be there as genuine and unbending support for your journey

  • provide a toolbox of skills for you to take away and use