counsellor - psychotherapist - IST Practitioner
A little more about me


I live and breathe meditation and cherish the transformation that comes with it; aiming to stop at nothing less than my own enlightenment.  From my extensive meditation practices (grounded in western esotericism and eastern traditions / philosophy), together with two university degrees and my psychological therapy practice, I have seen that what stops us from becoming our highest potential (our true selves) and going beyond our limitations, is the mind. You are not your thoughts or your emotions. You are not what you think you are. In my professional trainings I have discovered countless psychological theories and practices that support this view, and I have a unique way of pullng it all together to make it work.


I will add that while our 'minds' may be what stop us from becoming our true potential, our external social circumstances can also have an impact, keeping us locked into certain patterns.  This too is something that I pay attention to and see as important to help one achieve a sense of empowerment, growth and healing.


Intuitive Vision


My 20+ years of meditation practices has helped me to develop vision; as in the vision of seers, which allows me to work intuitively and adds a potent dimension to the therapy. Vision is placing my awareness on something very specific and fine-tuning my perception to comprehend it insightfully.  It is very targeted, accurate and precise, where I perceive where you're at emotionally, and other aspects such as undercurrent mechanisms, and blocked energy, that play a part in your life. From there, and using numerous counselling techniques, I'm able to help you work towards achieving your goals, resolve concerns and help get you back in touch with your true Self.


You could describe me as the scaffolding that provides a structure while you heal and develop the structure within yourself.  You choose the direction at all times, I simply help by bringing my care, vision, tools, reflection, and a stable platform, so that you can change the areas of your life that you feel need changing.